Individual Investors

The ClearlySo Angels is the UK’s leading group of high-net-worth individuals and families focused on creating social and environmental impact alongside financial return.

We give high-net-worth individual and sophisticated investors (see criteria) access to impact investment opportunities, spanning across a range of deal sizes, sectors and structures. We pride ourselves in introducing businesses creating diverse social and environmental impacts to our network of investors.

Salient investment opportunities from ClearlySo are based on your interests and investment criteria. Depending on your preferred level of engagement, we can offer access to:

"There’s a seemingly infinite number of investment opportunities out there, so being part of a group like ClearlySo Angels, and filtering through the thousands and thousands of opportunities and distilling it down to [the] really high quality ones, is a really important benefit of being part of an angel group."

Stephen Murdoch

ClearlySo Angel Investor since 2013