Aduna: delicious, healthy products with a super ethical supply chain

Aduna is an Africa-inspired health and beauty brand, whose mission is to create demand for under-utilised natural products sourced directly from small-scale producers in Africa – starting with the superfoods baobab and moringa – super healthy, super natural and with the potential to provide sustainable revenues to 8-10m rural households in Sub-Saharan Africa. With placements across the UK in stores such as Whole Foods Market, Liberty, and Holland & Barrett, they are a fast-growing company with a social mission at their core – plus their superfruit powders and energy bars are delicious too.

Social Impact

Aduna describe themselves as “a social business” (see our glossary for an explanation of what is a social business or enterprise).

More than 25% of the world’s botanical species originate from Africa – but less than 1% of what we see on shelf. The vast majority of African natural products are produced by rural women farmers surviving on less than $1/day; by creating demand for these ingredients and directing this demand to the communities via its proprietary value-add supply chain, Aduna provides the opportunities for strong, sustainable livelihoods. The existing baobab crop alone, which grows in 32 countries, is estimated to be worth a potential $1bn to rural Africa.


ClearlySo has worked with Aduna to raise multiple funding rounds to help them scale their business, including over £250k directly from Clearly Social Angels as part of a £750k funding raise – they have also received investment from others such as Stephen Dawson OBE, one of the UK’s first venture capitalists and co-founder of venture philanthropy organisation Impetus Trust. The investment will help them to enter international markets as well as support their rollout across the UK with retailers like Holland and Barrett.