Oomph Wellness: health and fitness for the elderly

ClearlySo worked with Oopmh! through The Big Venture Challenge.  The business is dedicated to transforming the day-to-day health and quality of life of older people through group-based exercise classes – such as chair cheerleading and chair aerobics – that improve mobility, social interaction and mental stimulation. This work is delivered in care homes up and down the country.

The social impact

Oomph believe that improving quality of life is about individual one-off interventions that raise both a quick smile and a long term transformation in behaviours – their work gives older people long-lasting confidence, independence, and dignity. They publish an impact report and can boast incredible changes for clients – including 28% reduction in falls and 88% staff observed improvement in social interaction.


You can hear from Ben Allen in The Guardian talking about raising investment for Oomph! and how he sees the future of the business – he stresses the importance of finding impact investors who shared his values and vision for the company as it grows, and the synergy between financial and social returns where it is not about trade-off but about growing social impact because it is at the very core of the business.