Insane Logic: language and communication for people with special needs

Zoe Peden and her Co-Founder Andrew Jackman set up Insane Logic to support those with language and speech difficulties to communicate. Zoe, a former senior manager at The Makaton Charity, sells a range of products and services based around a mobile version of The Makaton language programme. They run a subscription model, which is a small monthly fee for individuals and an annual fee for organisations for access to their ground-breaking  MyChoicePad software. Customers include individuals as well as education, healthcare and special needs establishments.

Social Impact

1 in 10 UK children start school with speech, language or communication difficulties; these products help those with speech/communication difficulties to communicate. For many children, this might mean the difference between attending a mainstream and special school. They also provide opportunities for assessment and therapeutic interventions, which can be adopted by schools, nurseries and other institutions. To date, there are 100,000 children and adults using MyChoicePad, and over 1m user sessions.


ClearlySo supported their capital raise for equity investment. This included £150k from Clearly Social Angels, with £100k match-funding secured from Big Lottery, via Unltd’s Big Venture Challenge programme. The investment is being used to grow the business team, build the product portfolio and prepare for international expansion. In the autumn of 2014, they received a further 1m of investment.

Clearly Social Angels and Insane Logic won the UKBAA’s Best Female Investment Award in 2014 – and you can read more on the blog about Zoe’s experience of raising capital to help grow her high-impact business.