HCT Group: growing a community-focused business

HCT Group operates in the transport industry – providing over 20 million passenger trips on their buses every year. These include London red buses but also social services transport, school buses, Park and Ride and community transport. They reinvest the profits they make from this commercial work into services for the community – in transport, education and training.

Social impact

Each year, HCT report on their impact across the community, showing the change enabled through running a transport business with social impact at its core. From supporting the elderly and disabled through community buses and subsidising community transport projects, supporting a disabled children’s centre and creating education and training opportunities, HCT are creating social impact throughout their local community – and as a public transport provider, they are helping individuals choose the environmentally-friendly option too.


ClearlySo initially raised over £4m for HCT in 2011 and has continued to work with them on larger fundraisings since. In late 2013, this included raising £500k from the Phone Co-Op – one high-impact company investing into another. Dai Powell, their Chief Executive, has stressed the importance of finding impact investors whenever he talks about HCT’s work in a public forum – he terms his company a “social enterprise” so, in his own words, “When you borrow you are, in effect, buying money. When we borrow, we want to buy social”.