Clearly Social Angels

Accelerating capital into extraordinary businesses

The UK's leading network of high-net-worth individuals focused on creating social and environmental impact alongside financial return, run by ClearlySo.

How it works

Members of Clearly Social Angels meet, collaborate and co-invest in the most exciting and investible entrepreneurs and businesses in the country.

Join this exclusive private members’ organisation of values-aligned investors, learn by doing and gain insights into best impact investing practice.

Why CSA?

CSA is for high-net-worth individual investors who are motivated by both social, environmental and financial return, and who understand that investing can be challenging and rewarding.

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Clearly Social Angels is the UK's leading network of high-net-worth individual investors dedicated to impact investment for businesses that create positive social and environmental change.

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Becoming a Clearly Social Angel is an exclusive opportunity to become a leading investor in high impact businesses delivering benefit to people, planet and the bottom line.

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