Webinar: How can Safety Tech protect society and generate market returns for investors?

ClearlySo Education & Training sector lead, Chris Parsons hosts panel discussion on technological advancements made to protect children online.

June 19, 2020

With the world increasing “going digital”, Chris Parson – head of enterprises and Education & Training sector lead at ClearlySo invites special guests, Douglas Lloyd from Azoomee, Zoe Peden from Ananda Impact Ventures and Sean Gardner from Gluu to discuss online safety in the impact investment sphere.

Discussion themes include:

  • The role of COVID-19 and lockdown in amplifying concerns over harmful content online and how schools and teachers are addressing these concerns through remote learning
  • Effectiveness of UK policy and legislative landscape for ensuring safety online
  • Solutions Safety Tech companies offer families, education providers and online platforms
  • How Safety Tech fits with related markets (e.g. RegTech, Tech for Good, cyber security)
  • Attractions and considerations investors see in relation to investing in the UK Safety Tech market

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