Responsible Consumerism Consumer Tips of the Day Round Up Blog

Even in lockdown, our Sector Leads for Responsible Consumerism, Hayley Collen and Letty Wheeler, offer tips and sign-postings to some amazing companies helping us entertain children, start home improvement projects and overall, shop more responsibly.

By Hayley Collen & Letty Wheeler, Responsible Consumerism Sector Leads · May 22, 2020

Last week we were pleased to shine a light on some brilliant businesses that are fabulous examples of Responsible Consumerism & making a positive impact during these challenging times! 

Keeping children entertained during lockdown does not need to mean an ongoing accumulation of new stuff.  We admire Whirli – the UK’s ever-changing toy subscription box!  

Learning to ride a bike may be a life-skill some children will try to master during lockdown.  We love the pay-monthly, exchange as they grow, lightweight kids bikes from The Bike Club Some members of the ClearlySo team use the service for their own children. 

Personal care is delivered to the door by Dameits reusable tampon applicator reduces single-use plastics and they also offer organic tampons by subscription – good for the planet and your body. 

No need to queue at the supermarket when Oddbox rescues odd and surplus fruit and veg and delivers direct to the door.  A good number of the ClearlySo team are Oddbox subscribers and have continued to develop their cooking skills during lockdown thanks to Oddbox ingredients and recipe suggestions.  

Being indoors and seeing the weather improve has encouraged a lot of people to review their wardrobes.  One of the few advantages of lockdown may have been to break some “fast fashion” habits.  We think giving clothes a second life is a great ideaThrift+ is the platform for buying/ selling second-hand clothes and giving to charity at the same time. 

Home improvements have also appeared on the agenda during lockdown and may require some tools that you are unlikely to use regularly – Library of Things gives people the chance to borrow rather than buy.  

For those who are minded to invest in home improvements, we suggest looking at EnviroBuild for sustainable building materials and environmentally friendly construction solutions (including flooring, cladding and fencing products). 

Overall our consumer power is stronger than we think!  Take some time whilst you’re staying at home to evaluate the brands you support. TrusTrace has developed tools to help companies meet their sustainability goals. 

Lockdown has caused us to value people who are not always visible or have the loudest voice.  Our friends &Wider help businesses & organisations listen to workers and improve working conditions. 

This is just a snapshot of the great businesses we meet who are doing excellent work in the Responsible Consumerism sector.  There are many, many more companies that we could have featured and we hope to share another selection soon.