Here’s to a greener New Year!

What if your New Year's resolutions weren’t just good for you but good for the planet too? Our team have put together a list of greener ways to kick off 2021, take a look!

By Hayley Collen, Responsible Consumerism Sector Lead · January 6, 2021

greener new year's resolution

The new year is an opportunity for a fresh start and to make choices that might be beneficial to us personally and to the world more widely.  Of course we at ClearlySo encourage everyone to think about the sustainability of the products and services we buy and the impact our lifestyle has on the environment.  Here are a few tips to consider for a greener new year –


If fitness is a new year priority, Fiit offers affordable online exercise for all levels of ability and in a wide range of activities, exercise quietly at your own pace or join a live group.

the bike project

Cycling increased during 2020, some sources say 100% on weekdays and 200% at weekends. The Bike Project gives bikes to refugees and asylum seekers for transport and independence. It also sells good quality bikes to the public so if you want to take up cycling it’s a great place to look and please donate any unused bikes that are cluttering your space.

fresh fitness food

Nutrition often goes hand-in-hand with exercise, if this is on your agenda, you may like Fresh Fitness Foods, personalised meals delivered to the door. The company is committed to operating sustainabbly and to improving animal welfare standards.

modern milkman

The Modern Milkman delivers milk and groceries to households around the UK – supporting local dairies and independent farmers and priding itself on being plastic-free by using reusable and recyclable packaging.


Fill is tackling packaging waste by using reusable, refillable containers for its eco-friendly laundry and cleaning products that are all manufactured in Northamptonshire – let’s think about the products we use to clean our clothes, our dishes and our homes!


If your wardrobe needs to be Spring cleaned or you are thinking of adding to your wardrobe, look at Thrift+ – the 21st century charity shop. Easy donation of your unwanted items and online shopping for items that are new to you – all accompanied by a charitable donation of up to 66% of the selling price.

nu wardrobe

Another way to say “no!” to fast fashion is to subscribe to Nuw – the clothes sharing app.  Most garments are worn only 7 times and we only wear 20% of our wardrobes 80% of the time.  Nuw gives us the opportunity to reduce the impact of unworn clothes in the wardrobe – every time we share, we save the resources that would have gone into producing another item.


If you need to buy new basic clothes like t-shirts – shop sustainably. Rapanui on the Isle of Wight manufactures its clothing line from natural materials, using renewable energy. Everything is designed to be sent back when it is worn out and new products are then made from the recovered materials.

We hope this gives some inspiration for starting the new year fit, healthy, well-fed and sustainably.  There are other brands doing great work, we encourage everyone to think about where the products they buy come from and how they are produced.