ClearlySo responds to the murder of George Floyd and racism in society

Given recent events, the team at ClearlySo recognise that as a company we need to take action to consciously support under-represented groups.

June 16, 2020

The tragic murder in the United States of George Floyd by Minneapolis police has catalysed a global response. The fact that it has done so is encouraging. That it took the death of yet another innocent black man to make progress is tragic.  It begs the question, “why haven’t people acted earlier?”

This applies to ClearlySo as well. Although our team broadly reflects the make-up of London and the UK where we are based, our enterprise, investor and fund clients do not, nor does our SMT or board—these are all predominantly white and male. There is much we could have done and much we should now do to address this glaring inequality.

Rather than publish statements which, however heartfelt, achieve little and increasingly ring hollow, we are announcing the following concrete steps which will hopefully make some contribution to inequality in the areas in which we engage:

  1. From Monday 15 June, every ClearlySo professional will offer 1 hour per week, for free, to enterprises or impact funds run by or serving under-represented groups
  2. We are mindful not to displace or disrupt the excellent work done by many existing organisations already active in outreach to these groups. Therefore, we intend to deliver our support by working with partner organisations already working in this space – we are already in discussions with several of these. We would encourage people to access our services through these partners when they are announced
  3. ClearlySo commits to using its marketing resources to actively signpost to these partners and to others engaged in this activity—they need resources and support. It will do so predominantly but not exclusively through its website and online communications
  4. On an annual basis ClearlySo will assess its progress in this area

We are aware that our small gestures in this regard are meagre in comparison with the challenge, but we have to start somewhere. We invite anyone to contact us with ideas on how we can use our position and skill set in this endeavour.


Rod Schwartz, CEO

On behalf of the whole ClearlySo Team


Anyone interested in taking advantage of ClearlySo’s free offer, or with other ideas on what we can do, please get in touch via