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ClearlySo publishes new report on impact investment

ClearlySo has published a new and FREE report on impact investment, reflecting on the last 15 years in the space.

January 24, 2019

Despite the hype of the past 15 years, impact investment remains a microscopic proportion of global assets under professional management. That said, impact investment does appear to be gaining significant momentum.

This new report from ClearlySo assesses the historical background of the movement, including the unintended consequences of government subsidy and intervention, as well as the underlying trends that appear likely to accelerate its global growth.

At ClearlySo, we believe that this momentum is being driven by the following key market dynamics:

  • The entry of mainstream pioneers drawn to the prospects of outsized market growth
  • A generational shift in client demand
  • Corporate success stories capturing public attention
  • Pressure from influential groups delivering increasingly constructive impact-related initiatives

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