ClearlySo IIFC 2019: Interview with Fred Michel, Sky Ocean Ventures

Exclusive interview with Fred Michel, Group Director - Sky Ocean Ventures, Sky Group. Fred shares his thoughts on the future of impact investing and the forces that are helping to make it mainstream.

By Quynhnhu Nguyen · February 16, 2019

On 17th January 2019, Frederic Michel, Group Director РSky Ocean Ventures, Sky Group, took part in a panel discussion at the first Impact Investment Funds Conference in the UK, hosted by ClearlySo at the Royal Society, hosted by ClearlySo at the Royal Society. During the course of the event, we were able to pull him away from the crowd for an exclusive interview, giving you some key insights and his takeaways from the conference.

Watch the full panel discussion: ‘Why take the plunge?’

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