10 businesses helping you rethink gift-giving

ClearlySo Responsible Consumerism sector leads outline selected companies offering sustainable and ethical alternatives to help you give more impactful gifts.

By Hayley Collen & Letty Wheeler · December 1, 2020

It’s the time of year when many people think of buying gifts for friends and family. We appreciate this year is very different, people may have less money to buy physical gifts and many people would prefer the gift of time and conversation. If you are planning to buy gifts here are some suggestions –

Care packages and gift boxes with sustainable alternatives to popular gift items; an easy swap to more impactful brand products –

1. Social Supermarket curates more than 1,000 products from 80 impact led brand partners that seek to have a positive impact around the UK

2. Borough Box specialises in showcasing gifts from independent suppliers with the aim of helping small brands reach more consumers

Subscriptions are a gift that benefit the recipient throughout the year –

3. Bundlee the babywear service that allows for swaps every time baby outgrows its clothes!

4. Bike Club children’s bikes by monthly subscription, switch to the next size up whenever you need to

5. Fiit give someone at home access to hundreds of online fitness classes suitable for all fitness levels

Skincare and bathroom supplies are a fail-safe gift for most people, help the planet as you gift –

6. Circla offers refillable skincare, bath and shampoo products delivered by environmentally friendly vehicle in London

7. Haeckels products inspired by the sea and aimed at helping to conserve the sea

Some gifts are more of an investment but have the potential for long term and broad impact –

8. IKAWA at home coffee roasting for freshness and to engage directly with green bean coffee producers around the world

9. Birdsong – original wardrobe staples that are made in the UK by skilled female makers who face barriers to employment and are paid a London living wage through Birdsong

10. Furosystems electric bikes and scooters encourage people to get out in the open air and reduce their carbon footprint

These are just a few suggestions, but we encourage everyone to think about the origins and impact of the products they buy!