September 1, 2020

MSDUK Virtual Innovation Summit 2020

ClearlySo is proud to be a partner for the MSDUK 2020 Virtual Innovation Summit coming this September


ClearlySo is excited to announce partnership with MSUK to launch the 2020 Virtual Innovation Summit that brings together over 1000+ diverse founders, VCs, angel investors, industry partners, universities, and the corporate world to collaborate and unlock innovation through diversity.

Responsible Consumerism sector leads Hayley Collen and Letty Wheeler will also be sharing their insights in a presentation on the day, with ClearlySo hosting a virtual booth at the event.

The virtual event, held on 1st September 2020, will feature engaging talks from the brightest minds in the innovation space, live pitching opportunities, and even a mini-hackathon (Challenge90) where you will meet and collaborate with other innovators to solve a common problem.

MSDUKā€™s goal is to break down barriers of entry and create an inclusive ecosystem of corporate, industry and investment partners that leads to opportunities for diverse founders to grow and succeed.

As we embrace the new digital world driven by technological advancement, innovation takes center stage in every area. There is strong evidence that innovation mostly comes from small businesses and individuals, making diversity a critical factor in bringing new solutions, breakthrough technology and disruptive businesses to market. Diversity can also bring competitiveness, in turn increasing quality and boosting market growth. Beyond these commercial benefits, diversity carries huge social value – reducing socio-economic inequality and creating stronger, more stable communities.

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