The Blue Dot – Learning to value our planet’s water

ClearlySo’s Head of Impact, Research, and Innovation, Lindsay Smart, urges us to recognise the importance of water to the economy, to the environment and to peaceful society, and encourages businesses to respond to the risks of a water scarce future.

The case for gender equality in business

For International Women’s Day 2017, Jessica Duveen clearly demonstrates why gender equality in business is so important, and explores what can be done to encourage more female founders and more female businesses leaders.

Inspiration in the toughest of circumstances

Recently returned from an eye-opening visit to the Western Balkans, Rod Schwartz shares innovative examples of impact businesses and organisations he met there, who are persevering despite the challenges they face.

The UK’s Oxbridge Obsession

ClearlySo’s Founder and CEO, Rod Schwartz, lays out why the UK’s Oxbridge obsession is harming social mobility, and warns of the dangers of an increasing social inequality gap.

The Mainstream Cometh

ClearlySo CEO Rod Schwartz argues that all the signs are here to say that 2017 will be year that impact investing fully goes mainstream.

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