Impact Investing: The digital health revolution

ClearlySo has partnered with BrightTALK to deliver a webinar series, centered around the many aspects of impact investing, with expertise and opinion sharing.

ClearlySo are running a series of webinars through BrightTalk covering a diverse range of topics around impact investing. Check out our channel for more details:

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5) Impact Investing: The digital health revolution

Digital health businesses are changing the face of health care by delivering affordable life changing services at scale to people in need. One revolutionary business is Thrive, an evidence-based smartphone application providing in-depth tools and support for anyone to improve their mental wellbeing. Founded in 2012 by Dr. Andres Fonseca, Thrive has helped more than one million people and raised multiple rounds of capital from ClearlySo’s extensive network of high-net-worth individual and institutional investors. Stephen Murdoch, human rights attorney turned impact investor and member of the ClearlySo Angels, serves as its chairman. 

On this webinar, ClearlySo Health Sector Lead Stefano Cappanari will highlight the latest trends in the sector and will interview Dr. Fonseca and Stephen to discuss what has made Thrive so successful, investors are looking for and the challenges businesses looking to raise capital face.

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BrightTALK webinar - 'ClearlySo Angels: Interview with poker champions turned impact investors'

4) ‘ClearlySo Angels: Interview with poker champions turned impact investors’

Impact investors come in all shapes and sizes, and from all backgrounds including the world of poker. In 2014, Martin Jacobson won the World Series of Poker, the $10,000,000 prize was the fifth largest single payout in the history of the tournament. Nicolas Cardyn is also a professional poker player, as well as an investor in startups and the stock market, with lifetime winnings now exceeding $1,000,000. Both are now members of the ClearlySo Angels – the UK’s leading group of high-net-worth individuals and families focused on creating social and environmental impact alongside financial return.

During this webinar, ClearlySo Head of Investor Relations Arti Bareja will interview Martin and Nicolas to discover what led them to impact investing, the types of impact they are most interested in, and discuss what angel investors should be looking out for when investing in early stage growth businesses.

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BrightTALK webinar - 'Impact Investing in: Clean energy and the environment'

3) ‘Impact Investing in: Clean energy and the environment’

With climate change concerns dominating the headlines, investor appetite for clean energy technology is soaring. Once considered risky and largely shunned by mainstream investors, it has now become a dominating force within the United Kingdom’s rapidly growing technology startup scene

ClearlySo CMO John Lloyd interviews clean energy and environment sector expert and Investment Manager Matias Wibowo to find out why. This webinar will include: 

  • What are some of the innovative solutions helping to tackle the world’s biggest environmental challenges?
  • Where is the investment going? What types of businesses?
  • Case studies
  • Q&A

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BrightTALK webinar - 'Impact Investing: What's hot and what's not?'

2) ‘Impact Investing: What’s hot and what’s not?’

Impact investing is one of the hottest areas in finance and growing at an estimated 17% annually in the UK alone according to research from Big Society Capital. But what are investors investing in? What types of businesses? What sectors are hot or not? 

ClearlySo CMO John Lloyd interviews impact investment expert and Head of Origination Simon Evill to find out. This webinar will include: 

  • Overview of impact sectors and high level trends
  • Insight on the types of businesses and which sectors are attracting the most capital
  • Examples of recent transactions
  • Q&A

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BrightTALK webinar - 'Impact Funds: The gateway drug to investing differently'

1) ‘Impact funds: The gateway drug to impact investing’

As a part of BrightTalk’s Family Office Summit, ClearlySo CEO Rod Schwartz and Head of Fund Advisory Harry Humpherys presented an Impact Funds webinar that is now available on demand. Topics include:

  • Why does anybody invest in impact?
  • How to cut through the hype about impact investing? What can you actually do today that makes sense?
  • What are HNWIs, Family Offices, and Institutions investing in (investment themes, solving problems, asset classes, alignment)?
  • Why do people invest in impact funds? What are the trade-offs? What works and what doesn’t? What to look for in an Impact Fund?
  • Lots of specific examples
  • Q&A

The audience will hopefully leave this webinar with a clearer view on how to invest to solve the world’s biggest problems.

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