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Unlock new investment opportunities with our award winning, low burden, low cost solution for private equity and venture capital investors to assess and report on the topics of ESG and impact.

Want to discover how impact can help you unlock new investment opportunities?

Let ClearlySo ATLAS help you. Maximise your value creation model and respond to emerging political and LP expectations. We take care of assessing social and environmental impact, so neither you nor your investee companies need to. Gain direct access to industry benchmarking, unique insight and unlock new investment opportunities. Map, track and report effortlessly Рusing our expertise. Please enjoy our short video below explaining ClearlySo ATLAS in more detail!


Meaningful and engaging impact and sustainability

Online portal accessible from anywhere with Internet access

Log-in to map and track your investments

Receive insight for improving impact and sustainability

Access topical and carefully selected resources

Download reports designed for easing sharing with clients and portfolio companies

Methodology designed for your needs

We combine best practice, industry-wide and internal impact expertise

We draw on PERG, PRI, EU Directives, Red Line Voting and more

Results mapped to UN Sustainable Development Goals ensuring you engage with the latest market expectations

We employ novel techniques to capture key company insight

Start your voyage of discovery

Not knowing about negative impact is a risk; not knowing about positive impact is an opportunity lost.

Business success will continue to be defined by globally interconnected environmental and social challenges and opportunities.

ClearlySo ATLAS uses this lens to examine business behaviour and uncover signals and indicators about the true nature of a company exposing insight on how your companies are positioned to capitalise on emerging global sustainability trends.