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Our Vision

Our vision is of a world where the financial system is a powerful force for good and the impacts of businesses are considered in all investment decisions. It is our mission to bring impact as the third dimension into investing, where all investors consider risk, return and impact – creating an environment for entrepreneurs and businesses that make a difference to thrive.

Our Values

We seek to be a different kind of organisation – one that constantly challenges the status quo, finding ways to innovate and grow the market.

ClearlySo is an intermediary in the truest sense of the word; we connect and bring together diverse parties to create new models and ways of doing business. Our team of experts are committed to client service and to our vision of the financial system as a force for good.

Embodying the model that we advocate, we firmly believe that businesses can be both high-return and high-impact.

What we do

We work exclusively with high-impact businesses, charities and funds. We support their capital raising activity through financial advisory work, and introduce them to institutional and individual investors who share their objectives and values.


impact investment raised by our clients to date

Through our investor networks, we connect organisations looking to raise capital with impact investors – and educate new ones. We advise businesses on growth, strategy and fundraising to scale their impact.

Our trusted team of experts have deep domain expertise across all market sectors, provide objective advice and exceptional client servicing.

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Our Team

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Our values are embodied by our people and in the way we work. We seek to be a different type of organisation that constantly challenges the status quo, finding new ways to grow the market and bring impact to the heart of investment decision-making.

We are a team of diverse professionals, from corporate finance, entrepreneurship, law and social impact backgrounds. We are committed to building a financial system that accounts for social and environmental impact and supports entrepreneurs, charities and businesses to do good while they are doing well.

Further expertise is provided by our prestigious board of non-executives and advisors, which includes Gillian Wilmot, Chair of UK Coaching and; Chris Hulatt, Co-Founder of Octopus Investments; Tracy Lewis, Executive Chair of Inspired Thinking Group (ITG); and Joseph Krant, Associate Partner at Catalyst Advisors.