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Do The Green Thing

Do The Green Thing is an innovative social enterprise which uses the power of media and advertising to inspire people to lead a greener life. We helped it secure a donation of £22,500 and gain a brand ambassador.

What does it do?

Do The Green ThingDo The Green Thing inspires people to lead a greener life. It does this using videos and high profile PR campaigns to create awareness of environmental issues and foster change in our approach to climate change.





What did they need?

Do The Green Thing was looking for investment to fund a chief operating officer for the period of a year, which would release the three founders from their day to day duties and allow them to concentrate on strategic direction.

What we offered

Co-founder Andy Hobsbawm spoke at our first Social Investment Pitching Evening with Coutts & Co. In these events, we challenge entrepreneurs to pitch their businesses to a large audience of high net worth individuals. Andy’s pitch struck a chord and he attracted instant interest from the audience.

What happens next?

At follow up meetings after the event, an investor representing their family trust discussed how they might support the company. After a few months of negotiation, the two sides agreed a donation of £22,500. However, the investor also had a significant amount of strategic marketing advice to offer and has joined Do The Green Thing as a Brand Ambassador.