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Build a winning teamWhat do investors look for in your management team? If you want to attract capital into your social business or enterprise, this is a key question.

Investors want to make sure they back credible teams that can deliver their business plan, create a return on investment for them and attract more money for further investment opportunities.

So how do you make sure the investors have confidence in the team you lead? 

Post investment, the quality of a management team influences the performance of the business by some 40% - making it an increasingly critical issue for investors. Many investors cite getting management quality right from the outset as their key learning over their life times.

Throughout this guide John Sutherland of Strategic Resource will outline in detail what investors are looking for and what you can do to increase your chances of finding funding. For those who want to take it further, John will be running a series of half-day workshops with ClearlySo, working closely with a select number of social entrepreneurs on the preparation work needed to secure investment.

About the author

Having run over 100 due diligence assignments on management teams, for a wide variety of venture capital organisations, private equity houses and banks, John Sutherland has extensive experience in helping companies build an effective team. John was a highly rated speaker at the 2010 ClearlySo Social Business Conference and is committed to helping social entrepreneurs.

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Build a winning team
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