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"What lights me up? Getting to use my experience, contacts, and capital to help entrepreneurs who are making a social and environmental impact. It’s one of the best ways I can make a difference… by supporting entrepreneurs who aim to deliver social as well as financial returns."

Suzanne Biegel, Ex CEO, Investors Circle

Clearly Social Angels

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Clearly Social Angels (CSA) is ClearlySo's angel network dedicated to businesses that create positive social change; the first of its kind in the UK.

The number of companies with social impact at the heart of their business model is growing. CSA is a group of active, committed and experienced investors in the UK accelerating capital into extraordinary businesses. Members meet in central London on a monthly basis to discover some of the country’s most inspiring social entrepreneurs with compelling and innovative solutions to social and environmental problems.

To learn more about CSA - including details on how you can get involved - head over to the dedicated CSA website at http://www.clearlysocialangels.com.