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Global Sharing Day


The US, Australia, Chile and 15 European countries have already signed up for Global Sharing Day. So far over 100 partners have signed up in 50 countries and a predicted reach of 10 million people.

Global Sharing Day is a big public engagement campaign, delivered through mass communications to shine a spotlight on sharing and the Sharing Economy. It is an opportunity to raise the media profile of sharing and put sharing on the agenda.

Millions of people around the world will get involved with events online, onland and on-the-go -- from clothes swaps, to street shares.

Global Sharing Day will take place during Global Entrepreneurship Week. The day will have 4 themes – business, community, education, politics - to raise awareness of this emerging economy across sectors and society. Whether you are a business, a community group, an individual – there are many ways to get involved.

Be a Sharing Champion: are you a trailblazer, looking to promote the exciting and rapidly emerging Sharing Economy? You can help grow this movement and be part of something MASSIVE. From bloggers to citizen journalists this is your chance to make it happen. To be a Sharing Champion please sign up and we’ll be in touch.

Be a Partner: This is your opportunity to align your organisation or corporation with the rapidly emerging Sharing Economy. You can help promote a sustainable future and a smarter way of working.

To be a partner please sign up and we’ll be in touch.

You can download the Global Sharing Day Partner Info here.

Be a Sponsor: We are seeking sponsors who have their eye on the future and are ready to invest in it. The People Who Share has the capacity to make it happen - our predicted global reach is 10 million people. If you are a company that recognises this opportunity to align your brand with a sustainable future please contact us and we’ll be in touch.

Be a Sharer: Looking for ways to join in? Global Sharing Day is your chance to get involved with a growing movement....10 Million Sharers.

Thousands of events will be happening globally on November 14th, to receive updates and event news signup on our website.


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