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The Positive Ageing Company



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The Positive Ageing Company

What do they do?

AFA creates and delivers informative and interactive positive ageing content linked directly to resources. Customers include Baby Boomers (48-65), public/private health groups, CSR & corp wellbeing.

How are they social?

AFA helps families to take an informed, positive, proactive approach towards healthy ageing. AFA improves the wellbeing of older people today. AFA also helps raise the health literacy (and healthy ageing!) of the older people of tomorrow. Globally.

Address: 5 St Johns Lane, London, GB, EC1M 4BH
Phone: +447949032686
Industry: Health
Social benefit: Elderly, Healthy living, Elderly, Healthy living, Elderly, Healthy living, Elderly, Healthy living, Elderly, Healthy living,
Company type: Ltd
Founded: 2011

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