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Solar Aid



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Solar Aid

What do they do?

SunnyMoney is a microfranchise brand which uses a technique called microsolar to bring light to the poor across East Africa whilst creating jobs and offering an alternative to kerosene lighting.

How are they social?

SunnyMoney is sustainable. Micro-finance loans mean entrepreneurs can buy microsolar lighting products and sell them to their local community, which descreases dependence on costly and polluting kerosene lighting while creating employment.

Address: Unit 2, Third Floor, Pride Court, London, GB, N1 9PF
Phone: +44 (0)207 278 8500
Industry: Consumer electronics
Social benefit: Climate change, Developing countries, Poverty alleviation, Climate change, Developing countries, Poverty alleviation,
Company type: Ltd
Certifications: Not Applicable, Not Applicable,
Founded: 1999

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