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Divine Chocolate



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Divine Chocolate

What do they do?

Delicious Fairtrade chocolate from a company owned by the farmers who supply the cocoa, putting them higher up the value chain.

How are they social?

Divine buys its cocoa on Fairtrade terms from Kuapa Kokoo farmers' cooperative in Ghana. They invest the Fairtrade premium in community projects. Uniquely Divine is 45% owned by the farmers, giving them a share of profits and a voice in the industry.

Address: 4 Gainsford Street, London, GB, SE1 2NE
Phone: + 44 (0)20 7378 6550
Industry: Food and beverages retail
Social benefit: Employee rights and welfare, Developing countries, Developing countries, Employee rights and welfare, Developing countries, Employee rights and welfare,
Company type: Ltd
Certifications: Fairtrade (UK), Fairtrade (UK), Fairtrade (UK),
Founded: 1997

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