Starting Impact Investing Angel Groups: A Resource Pack

This report lays out the findings of a six month Big Lottery funded project to examine the feasibility of developing regional impact investing angel groups in two identified regions: Greater Manchester and the Midlands. Included within this report is a resource pack of documents that may be useful in creating a regional angel group.


The ClearlySo Guide for The Ambitious Social Entrepreneur

ClearlySo started because, simply put, we thought that the social economy should be bigger. One thing that we thought was missing was a central source of information on the relevant host of issues for social businesses and enterprises to help them become successful. So we decided to put together this guide for you. Whether you read this guide word for word or select the aspects that apply to your venture, it contains essential information on the finance available, legal structures, public bodies, tax regimes, networks, industry intelligence and support organisations that can help social businesses and enterprises flourish.


Mind the Finance Gap: Evidencing demand for community finance

The Community Development Finance Association (CDFA), with the support of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, commissions ICF GHK to undertake a review of the state-of-play in community finance.

The findings suggest current potential annual demand for community finance in the UK of some £5.45 to £6.75 billion.


Growing the Social Investment Marketplace: Investment Readiness in the UK

Informed by responses from some 1255 voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations (arguably the largest survey pool in the sector to date), this report demonstrates an urgent need for more support to kick-start the nascent social investment sector in the UK. Another key finding was a series of mismatches between investee and potential investor. 47% of survey respondents who were unable to raise capital felt they were not missing any relevant marketing, business or financial skills - in stark contrast to the views of investors who identified the lack of finance skills as a deal breaker. A further mismatch identified was between the type of finance sought (largely risk capital) and the financing available (more secured lending).


Inside Community Finance – Annual Survey of the CDFIs in the UK

Community finance fills a gap in the financial services system created by the inability of banks and other mainstream financial institutions to provide fair access to affordable credit to all markets.As the banking industry in the UK consolidated and streamlined, connections to local communities diminished. In addition, as commercial ventures, banks focus on shareholder return and maximisation of profit. These characteristics have unintentionally resulted in gaps in the market, thereby creating ‘underserved markets’.

Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs) help bridge the gaps in the market by providing finance to underserved businesses, civil society organisations and households.