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The Future for Children Bond

Phil Caroe
Phil Caroe, posted on 06.02.13

When Allia was launched back in February 1999, social investment was barely on the radar. There were a few people in policy circles who thought the concept might have some potential, and a handful of organisations trying to make it work in practice. Today, 14 years later, the picture has changed dramatically. It may still be a tiny market compared with the billions of pounds donated to charity or invested in other financial markets, but it's developing rapidly and, if forecasts by Boston Consulting Group are anything to go by, demand for social investment over the next few years could grow by an average of 38% per year.

This week's launch of the Future for Children Bond marks another milestone as the first public offer for retail investors to participate in a social impact bond. To celebrate the occasion we've created an infographic to chart some of the other highlights in the development of the social investment market.

Click here to view the infographic.

Phil is the Chief Operating Officer for Allia; a charitable organisation that creates opportunities for people to invest their money for social benefit.


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