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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012

Jonny Kates
Jonny Kates, posted on 13.11.12

It's Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2012 all this week in the UK with Social Enterprise Day also falling on the 15th. GEW is an international campaign operating in 115 countries that, simply put, promotes entrepreneurship. The theme for this year is 'Pass it on!' with the aim that knowledge and resources can be passed on from those in the know to those who are just nurturing the beginnings of an idea.

There are a range of events that you can get involved in this week to support the campaign and benefit from the networking opportunities. For a full list of events, head over to the Global Entrepreneurship Week website, where you can search for events near you by key word. Click here to see a list of events in the UK with the term 'social enterprise'.


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