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Our blog keeps you up to date with all the latest developments in the world of social business and enterprise.

Anna Smee Anna Smee | The power of social ventures to create a 21st Century education system
Anna Smee, posted on 12.03.14

Most young people currently acquire the skills and experiences they need through a combination of school and family support, benefiting from parents who provide direction, take them to new places, encourage them to join clubs and share stories about their own work life. But for a significant number of children, there is no supportive family to guide them. They rely exclusively on their school to provide a safe place where structure and civility are the norm not the exception. In 2011 there were over 91,000 looked-after children for whom outcomes are considerably worse than for their peers.

Jonny Hick Jonathan Hick | PWC to ClearlySo: moving into social investing
Jonny Hick, posted on 10.03.14

I joined ClearlySo at the start of last month and, like many other people here, I came from working in the mainstream financial sector. It's been a big change (working in a company of thousands of employees to a company of less than 20), but for me it's been a great one.


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Clare Jones Social enterprise: Making it work for women
Clare Jones, posted on 06.03.14

Before I joined ClearlySo in January, I was working in the non-profit sector; lots of the work I've done in the past has been with vulnerable or disadvantaged women and girls. It's something I talk about a lot (even at dinner parties), and it's an area of the third sector that is ripe for disruption through social enterprise.


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Jonny Kates Happy 80th Birthday GDP
Jonny Kates, posted on 04.03.14

As a graduate in Human Geography, there was a period relatively early on in my academic life when the acronym 'GDP' (Gross Domestic Product) was crucial to my understanding of the world. Something about assigning an integer to summarise - and ultimately rank - an entire country was incredibly satiable to the statistician in me. It seemed to make perfect sense that with just a quick internet search from my desk in suburban middle England, I could find out that the 17 million people living in Chile were 'worth' $170bn.

Liza Liza Kellett | Growing social investment in Wales
Liza, posted on 28.02.14

Last week I spent five days "nesting" with the ClearlySo team in their London office. It was a chance for me to immerse myself in the world of social investment in London, and to see how we might draw on some of the lessons learnt to help develop our venture philanthropy work in Wales.

Mike Mompi Are you ready to become a social impact angel investor?
Mike Mompi, posted on 26.02.14

We saw this brilliant flowchart that helps people explore whether or not they're ready to become angel investors, and that got us thinking: what's different about angel investing for impact?

Here's a diagram to help you see if social angel investing is right for you (and if it looks like it might be, check out Clearly Social Angels for more on social angel investments):

Rod Schwartz Investors' motivations are not what you might expect | Rod Schwartz's Third Sector column
Rod Schwartz, posted on 20.02.14

This piece was originally published by the Third Sector Magazine.

At our firm, the question we are asked most by clients seeking to secure social investment is: "What sorts of return or impact are your investors looking for?"

We urge them not to think in this way and to focus instead on building their enterprises, being innovative about how they achieve their social impacts and working with us to see which financial model and instrument best suit their needs. Investors can be found for pretty much any inspiring social enterprise in the increasingly rich and broad investment ecology that is emerging.

Emily De Groot JustGiving unveils Yimby.com: the crowdfunding community for social good
Emily De Groot, posted on 19.02.14

Emily De Groot is an On Purpose Associate who is currently on placement at JustGiving. We asked her to fill us in on an exciting new direction for the online fundraising platform.

At JustGiving, we have spent over a decade continually developing a robust and secure online platform for transacting donations. We're proud to have been able to help 21 million people raise over £1.6 billion for over 13,000 charities using our platform. A big part of that success has been due to constant iteration of our technology; re-investing the profits we generate as a social business to improve the online experience for both donator and fundraiser.

Suzanne Biegel Exiting Responsibly - thoughts on the UKBAA forum
Suzanne Biegel, posted on 13.02.14

On the 29th January, I was at the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA) Winter Investment Forum, networking with and hearing from some of the biggest names in UK angel investing. It was a fantastic day, with an extraordinarily rich mix of people - from experienced angels telling war stories to perspectives from entrepreneurs on both sides of the table, and VCs co-investing with angels.

Zoe Peden Social entrepreneur Zoe Peden: gaining investment and growing the business
Zoe Peden, posted on 10.02.14

Before forming Insane Logic with my co-founder I worked for a charity called The Makaton Charity. They have a language programme of symbols and signs designed to help children and adults with language development and communication skills. It's been made really popular through shows like Something Special with Mr Tumble on CBeebies. The language programme has mostly print based and I used to receive requests for a digitised version. I left the charity 3.5 years ago to create a mobile version of the language programme called MyChoicePad.

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