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Our blog keeps you up to date with all the latest developments in the world of social business and enterprise.

Rod Schwartz Third Sector | It's time for investors to appreciate 'externalities'
Rod Schwartz, posted on 22.01.15

Clare Jones Social Investment Tax Relief - Infographic
Clare Jones, posted on 13.01.15

The announcement in the Autumn Statement that the government is extending the social investment tax relief (SITR) scheme is another positive step in helping individual investors move their capital into impact-focused investments, and 2015 will see these changes come into effect.  

Stefan Van Maaren Stephen Lloyd memorial award announced
Stefan Van Maaren, posted on 16.12.14

To honour the memory of the inspirational lawyer Stephen Lloyd, who died earlier this year, BWB Charitable Incorporated Organisation, together with friends and admirers of Stephen, has announced a memorial award to be launched in 2015.

Mike Mompi Bloomberg | Impact Investing and Family Offices
Mike Mompi, posted on 04.12.14

Bloomberg have released a special report on Family Office investing. They asked Mike Mompi to give some insight into how impact investing aligns with both multi- and single-family offices.  

Clare Jones Celebrating The Big Venture Challenge and £5m impact investment
Clare Jones, posted on 04.12.14

At ClearlySo, we work with entrepreneurs with a proven business model that tackles social change to raise between £200k and £1m through our Clearly Social Angels network, and we help established impact-focused businesses like HCT or London Early Years' Foundation to raise institutional investment to help them scale. We are also lucky enough to be a partner on The Big Venture Challenge - something that means we can support earlier-stage ventures. For entrepreneurs tackling social or environmental problems, this is an opportunity for investment readiness support that enables them to raise between £50k and £500k.

George Hammond Generation Why? - What's different for millennials and impact
George Hammond, posted on 28.11.14

We all know that millennials  want to give back to the world in a meaningful way, right? As droves of school and university leavers head into impact work, and social enterprises proliferate, this sentiment has become a cliche.  Employers and independent researchers are falling over one another trying to identify the unique characteristics of our generation, and time and time again they find that "millennials care about more than just taking home a paycheck. They care about working at an organization which makes an impact".

Rod Schwartz Why we are not celebrating "Social Enterprise Day"
Rod Schwartz, posted on 20.11.14

I feel a bit like the Grinch or Scrooge at Christmas time, but here at ClearlySo we are not celebrating Social Enterprise day today. The reason is simple: every day should be about social impact and the many entrepreneurs who generate this in abundance. As someone who has been involved in social impact for 15 years I fully understand how in the early days it might have been important to grab a day so as to highlight a rather new and unusual concept. Since then so much progress has been achieved it feels almost condescending to grant just a day out of a busy calendar to impact. This third dimension to investing (impact) should be a part of all investment decisions and is relevant to all firms.


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Hannah Sheath Building a Financial Model: Tips for Entrepreneurs
Hannah Sheath, posted on 12.11.14

Hannah Sheath works in the Advisory team at ClearlySo, helping businesses prepare for capital raising. She blogs to offer tips and techniques for entrepreneurs who are looking to raise capital for their businesses while growing their social impact and their revenues.

When we work with entrepreneurs, businesses and charities looking to raise investment to help them grow their impact (and their revenues), a key component of our investment-readiness work lies in helping them to build a strong financial model.  We wanted to share the basics of financial modelling to help entrepreneurs plan for capital raising.

Rod Schwartz Third Sector | Do name and form matter?
Rod Schwartz, posted on 10.11.14

Recently I posted a blog applauding the G8 Social Impact Investment Taskforce (SITF). It published reports that dramatically advanced the development of a global social economy.   However, hidden beneath the pages of well-argued text rages an interminable debate: what do we call those endeavours generating social impact?

Clare Jones Impact Investing and Good Money Week
Clare Jones, posted on 23.10.14

It's Good Money Week here in the UK, with hashtags and live chats everywhere. It meant a special supplement in The Times on Corporate Philanthropy (featuring our own great news that ClearlySo raised £800,000 to help us grow our support for entrepreneurs focused on impact), a Guardian Live Chat on Sustainable Investing and of course it won't be long now until the Good Deals conference on 24th & 25th November.

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